How Manufacturers Improve Productivity with an LMS

Manufacturer LMS

How do you improve productivity while elevating your L&D program and experience?

Manufacturers ask themselves this question every day. A major part of the answer is a well-trained workforce.

Creating a Learning & Development (L&D) program ensures that employees remain educated on the latest technologies, methods, and company processes. It is essential to help improve manufacturers’ productivity. 

To make these L&D programs cost-efficient and scalable, educational technology is essential. A modern learning management system (LMS), for example, can support all your L&D activities.

An LMS helps you streamline and automate your L&D activities, whether they be instructor-led classes, webinars, training in the field, online courses, or any other program of instruction. 

A modern LMS empowers you to:

1. Train employees cost-efficiently

To produce quality products while continuously improving takes well- trained workers. Only effective consistent instruction of the appropriate techniques will reduce worker errors. An LMS enables the efficient, flexible delivery of that instruction, virtually.

As a result, you reduce or eliminate the need to produce costly in-class training, which requires you to hire instructors, rent meeting spaces, create, print, and distribute learning materials, and pay for travel, entertainment, and other related costs.

Moreover, production doesn’t need to stop completely since not all employees have to be trained at the exact same time. Additionally, training time drops by 40%-60% compared to conventional in-class instruction. When formal training programs are supported by an LMS, learning retention can improve by 25%-60%. These efficiencies shorten the time it takes for your people to begin adding value to your business.

2. Scale your training

Your employees may be working factory shifts, or in far-flung locations, or in different time zones ⎯⎯ perhaps all of the above. How can you meet their diverse training needs and scheduling availabilities?

With a mobile-ready cloud-based LMS, your employees can train whenever it’s convenient, wherever they are, on any device.

3. Support health and safety (H&S)

Manufacturing has its share of dangerous tasks. The repercussions of having your people hurt on the job can be far-reaching.

To minimize the risks to your organization and your workers, you need proper consistent and recurrent H&S training. Although senior employees might be aware of the health & safety rules, reinforcing these on a regular basis is essential to keep them top of mind and avoid injuries.The right LMS can deliver that training efficiently, and help you maintain a secure and compliant environment.

4. Simplify compliance

Each country and industry sector has its standards for product manufacture and performance, e.g., CSA, UL, EPA, ISO, etc. These requirements are specific and often complex. Therefore, it is essential to keep your people up to speed on them.

How can you ensure your team complies?

The right LMS not only enables you to provide that instruction but to efficiently quiz your team, track progress and performance (individually and as a group), and award certificates.

An LMS, like uxpertise, also gives you real-time visibility of this information in easily configurable dashboards and reports.

5. Remove all barriers to learning

Your employees have hugely varying levels of comfort with technology. Using your LMS should not make your people uncomfortable and create barriers to learning. That’s why an LMS, like uxpertise, is made to be intuitive and easy to use in order to create a fun and effective learning experience!

6. Reskill and upskill your workforce

As the digital transformation of industry continues, manufacturing processes, of course, are impacted. Some roles become obsolete or need to evolve. Other skill sets rise in demand in a tight labour market. 

Instead of resorting to demoralizing lay-offs or binge spending on scarce talent, some forward-thinking manufacturers have seen the organizational benefits of reskilling and upskilling their employees on new procedures or new machines.

Supported by the right LMS, these continuous learning programs build up and diversify the skill sets of your workers. Your employees are already knowledgeable about your product and loyal to your company. It is important to give them the opportunity to grow and learn new skills within your organization. As a result, your team can more flexibly take on new roles as you adapt to changing market conditions.

7. Train your customers and partners

Nobody knows your product as well as you do.

Why not share that knowledge effectively with your customers and partners so they can extract more benefit during the installation or when using it? Doing so ensures they will have a superior experience in working with you, and that reinforces brand loyalty. 

With the right LMS, you can offer product information training outside your organization and make sure that the training is consistent with your company best practices. The platform also makes it easy for both customers and partners to find the right course and customize a convenient learning path and ensure compliance when necessary. You can choose to charge for these add-on courses with the e-commerce capacities of a modern LMS or provide them for free as a value-add.  

Imagine what such product training could do to enhance your image as a business willing to invest in the success of your ecosystem.

8. Make data-driven decisions

Reporting and analytics features in an LMS like uxpertise, offers real-time data on your employees’ training. These features help you identify high-performers and those that could benefit from special attention. As a result, you can make better data-based decisions on what’s best for your people. 

A fast-changing business landscape means manufacturers will keep facing new challenges every day. To meet these challenges, one of the best things you can do is empower your people through efficient training so your organization can respond productively to new ways of working and thrive. 

Want to implement an LMS in your manufacture? Request a demo of the uxpertise platform.


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