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Provide value to the members of your professional association with our education technology solutions.

Simplify your members’ learning and professional growth journey, or support their compliance and recertification needs by making training more fun and gratifying. As a result, you’ll boost the value your professional association has in their eyes and attract more members.

From course creation to targeted delivery to learners, uxpertise LMS can make it easy to delight your members with the knowledge they need.
Provide the convenience of online exams at any time while maintaining test taker integrity with our automated proctoring solution for remote and online exam, uxpertise XP.

uxpertise LMS


Delight your learners

Access to courses 24/7

Your members will appreciate having access to the training activities offered by your professional association at any time. The intuitive platform gives them their personal space to complete training and access their certification. Furthermore, wish lists and waiting lists make it easy for members to keep track of their interests.

Better retention rate

Delight your members

Gamification features such as certificates and badges make learning more fun and motivating for your learners. They can share their accomplishments on their LinkedIn profile. What’s more, our wide variety of content types make it easy to create engaging training activities including webinars, interactive modules, quizzes, videos, games, and more.

Simplify processes

Save time and money

Reduce administrative tasks by automating registrations, notifications, exam correction, certification, recertification management, enrollment validation and more.

uxpertise XP



Does scheduling an exam that requires surveillance one, two, three or four times a year in various cities sound familiar to you? Your members want convenience, which means being able to take their exam when it fits in their schedule and from the comfort of their homes. uxpertise XP all-in-one remote proctoring solution makes this possible by offering 24/7 on demand remote proctored exams.


Your members have to be compliant to industry norms and standards, and so it is crucial that integrity be maintained during their evaluation. The combination of technology, blocking of unauthorized software and functions, webcam and audio recordings, desktop recording, and human review ensure that the test taker respects the exam conditions and thus its integrity.

Automated Solution

Registration, exam session review, and exam correction are all automated which saves your administrators time. Furthermore, physical testing spaces and hiring proctors is no longer needed with uxpertise XP. When used in combination with uxpertise LMS, you benefit from the automation and integration level needed to streamline your processes.

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Discover how to make training simpler and more fun for the members of your professional association.

Offer convenience by delivery engaging training through a platform accessible 24/7 from anywhere. Easily track your member’s progress, offer online exams with maximum integrity, and deliver certification and badges.

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