Enable your organization to conduct secure online remote exams with integrity.

  • Proctor your remote exams with an intuitive automated online solution that saves you money and delivers peace of mind.
  • So much of your organization’s value rests on how people perceive your certifications.
  • Your learners, customers, and partners count on the credibility of your certificates to do business with you.
  • So don’t let remote exams compromise your institution’s credibility.
  • Our fully automated proctoring solution for online and remote exams offers you a multilingual intuitive tool to help safeguard your certificates while optimizing operations, increasing delivery capacity, saving you money, and delivering peace of mind.
uxpertise XP

Why uxpertise XP is your first choice to ensure exam integrity and safeguard your certifications


Proctor your exams remotely, rigorously

Our solution securely authenticates the test-taker, monitors their environment, blocks unauthorized software, and records the desktop, webcam, and audio. A professional proctor reviews the exam session entirely within 24-72 hours and assigns an integrity score.


Start online exam proctoring in a snap

An intuitive dashboard for proctors and administrators enables effortless management and review of exam recordings.


Streamline your testing costs and administrative tasks

Forget the overhead of physical testing spaces. Our pay-per-use plan offers great value, 24/7. Simply set up your exam, and let our proctors do the work!


Expand access to your certificates

Proximity to your testing center is no longer a limit to how many learners you can enroll.


Simplify your learners’ life

With a sigh of relief, your learners can take your exams anywhere, at any time. Our multilingual interfaces empower access to a larger audience.


Count on state-of-the-art service

Secure data storage, 99.9% uptime, and a service that meets international privacy standards enable you to rest easy

Discover our online exam auto-proctoring solution protect you

As a fully automated online service available 24/7, uxpertise XP makes online exam integrity easy.
Human proctor review

Integrated seamlessly with uxpertise LMS

uxpertise XP can be activated for exams with uxpertise LMS or integrated with other systems. Ask us how we can integrate with other solutions.

ID verification

Authenticates test-takers rigorously

The test-taker’s identity is validated, and their physical and virtual environment is strictly monitored during the exam session.

Flag suspicious behaviour

Assesses test-taker behavior

Our solution ensures that all unauthorized software is kept closed. The software records the full exam session’s webcam, audio, and desktop. Supported by artificial intelligence (AI), a human proctor reviews the entire session based on the criteria you set and raises flags when suspicious behaviour is detected. A criticality score is then assigned based on integrity. You also receive a report and a recording of the session with all the information you need to support any corrective action.

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