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Empowered to transform the way they share knowledge

Faced with unique challenges, each of these organizations trusted expertise to meet or exceed their goals. Their success is inseparable from ours.

We share their stories with the hope that they inspire you and convince you of the possibilities to strengthen your organization through a very fun LMS!

ITHQ serves up 5-star growth

Shackled by an ailing custom-built e-learning platform, the Center for Expertise and Research at the ITHQ sought uxpertise to unleash their growth potential. As one of the world’s finest hotel management schools, the ITHQ also offers professional training in the culinary arts and restaurant services.

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Training activities enrollment and revenue growth
2019 vs. 2014

The previous system was costly and couldn’t adapt to the growing demand and diversification of our offer. It caused multiple IT and operational problems and delayed our growth plans. Administering province-wide certification exams was labour-intensive, involving paper documents, phone calls, and the occasional loss of documents.

“uxpertise understood our mandate and needs,” Mr. Therrien said. “They already had a live platform that could adapt to our processes and respond to our immediate needs while also allowing for more development.” Following an in-depth analysis of the ITHQ’s way of working, uxpertise refined, established, or automated processes to maximize productivity. As a result: “We had less management, less work, less paper and emails, no data loss, and, more importantly, a huge gain in efficiency.”

Effective support as we scaled our activities. Easier for our clients to register and enroll to courses thus also reducing the number of customer service requests. Easy-to-use reports that provided the required information for all departments (operation, communication, accounting).

In Mr. Therrien’s five-year vision for his team, he sees online training revenues multiplying. “We kept thinking the market was saturated and demand was going to stop, but it keeps growing.”

The training activities and advice of UMANO – stratégies conseils allows organizations to develop their “RÉFLEXE AINÉ®” to adapt their offer and their services to the needs of elderly people in order to better serve them. UMANO also provides a strategic partnership and innovative solutions to organizations in order to foster mental health at work, particularly with caregivers.

UMANO – stratégies conseils had been thinking for a while about a solution to transform the services they offer. The new reality has forced them to rethink the delivery of their training, and fast-tracked the transformation process. UMANO has hesitated to offer their training online for a long time due to the experiential and interactive nature of their activities. They feared that their training would have less impact. The organization had to find an efficient solution allowing them to offer dynamic content of quality, and ensure the use of a software that would enable them to manage and deliver their training activities.

UMANO managed to reinvent themselves and offer online training. They chose the uxpertise platform to manage, share, and promote their training activities. The organization was able to retain their human side by offering interactive training activities that are full of life.

Their online training offer allowed them to optimize their time, make training activities available at all times, and so increase their capacity to train more people at once. Thus resulting in incredible growth potential. The clients of UMANO – stratégie conseils greatly appreciated this digital transformation due to the newfound flexibility of the location and time for training activities. A successful digital transformation!

UMANO - stratégies conseils reinvents themselves and grows due to their digital transformation

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Individuals joined the platform and were initiated to the “RÉFLEXE AINÉ®” program in only 2 months.

Intelcom delivers speedy efficient onboarding to thousands of new hires


Employees and partners access their training when at a time that is convenient for them based on their time zone.

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completed their training with the platform

Intelcom is a last-mile delivery company that has seen a significant growth. Mélie Matifat, VP of people and culture at Intelcom, had to rapidly train thousands of drivers, as well as dozens of operational leaders.

Ms. Matifat had to find an efficient and quick way to train these recruits to the enterprise culture, procedures, and customer service expectations. As an added challenge, her new hires were spread across multiple time zones, and so availability varied immensely.

Mélie Matifat wanted a learning platform with a quick and easy set up, and all the desired functionalities. She opted for uxpertise’s learning management system.

Intelcom was able to train their new hires effectively and manage the skills acquired by each employee easily. The easy-to-use mobile interface was a big win for their employees and partners as the nature of their job is on the go.

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