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Offer your educational programs to more students effectively. Our solutions allow you to deliver your courses and exams online and remotely to ensure compliance and integrity.

Our learning management system, uxpertise LMS, enables you to offer a catalog of courses in which students can self-register and even pay the costs associated within the platform.

Our automated proctoring solution for remote and online exam, uxpertise XP, ensures the integrity of exams through AI analysis and human review of the recorded session.

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Course catalogue

Share all your public courses in the catalog so that students can view the syllabus and register to their desired courses. Manage your classes and group courses together.


Enrollment control

There are several options available to you to meet the needs of your institution. Choose a public or private platform. Take advantage of the single sign-on (SSO) option. Allow self-registration and validate registration if desired, or register the students yourself.



Reduce administrative tasks by automating registrations, notifications, exam correction, certification, and more.

Remote exam auto-proctoring

ID verification

Student authentication

Ensure that the right person passes the exam with a thorough authentication process and a full recording of the exam session via webcam.


Exam integrity

The combination of technology and the human review of webcam, audio and desktop recordings ensure that the student respects the exam conditions.



Optimizes administrative tasks with an automated solution. As a bonus, students can take their exams at any time.

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Discover how to effectively manage online course management and maintain online exams integrity

From course creation to targeted delivery to students to online exam proctoring, the uxpertise solutions makes it easy for students to successfully complete their remote program or certificate with integrity.

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