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that adapts seamlessly to your organization.

Empower your employees and organization to share knowledge on a seriously fun platform.

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<span>The learning management system</span><br>that adapts seamlessly to your organization. Empower your employees and organization to share knowledge on a seriously fun platform.

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These companies and training centers  empower their knowledge-sharing with uxpertise.

Empower your business with a seriously fun all-in-one solution for training

Centralize training for your organization with our integrated and scalable platform that simplifies your life and creates engagement among your employees.


Enhance online visibility and scale revenues for your training center

Our intuitive user experience delivers a seriously fun platform for learners and administrators. Easy-to-use integrated e-commerce and marketing tools enable you to scale effortlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To access your training, Click on My space in the menu on the upper left of the screen

You can also consult your certificates awarded during specific training.

By clicking on your name in the menu at the top right, you can manage your personal information, view your transactions and you can log out.

The My Account section allows you to fill in your user profile and modify your personal information.

In the menu at the top right, click on your name, a menu will appear. To see your purchases made and download your invoices, click on My transactions.

There are three options to log in uxpertise portal:

  • Creation of a new account on a public platform
  • Via an invitation and a link received by email
  • Log in

Yes! Many management functionalities can be executed through your system by communicating with uxpertise’s API. For example:

– Login
– Account signup
– Course registration
– and much more!

If you have ever forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking on ‘’Forgot Password’’.

Then enter your username or email address and click Submit. You will then receive an email with a link to reset your password.

uxpertise can be configured to fit your needs (public, private or transactional).

If your platform is public, users will be able to access your training directly by creating an account on your platform.

If you choose the private option, you will have to invite users yourself so that they can access your platform.

Finally, you have the possibility of having an e-commerce type platform where you can sell your training as well as products (book, promotional material, etc.). For this type of platform, the user will have to purchase the training before being able to access it.

There are two types of possible activities on uxpertise: in class (synchronous) or online (asynchronous).

uxpertise offers advanced management of events (including webinair) and attendance. uxpertise also allows you to manage the schedules and availabilities of your trainers in a flexible and efficient manner.

An activity can contain the following:

  • Badges
  • Categories
  • Certificates
  • Documents
  • Events
  • Products
  • Questionnaires
  • Scorm packages
  • Videos
  • Links

All of these are listed in the library.

On uxpertise, as long as the user is not unsubscribed by a supervisor or an administrator, he will always have access to his training.

However it is possible to set an accessibility period (days) when creating a new catalog item.

Yes, the uxpertise platform is optimized for mobiles. Users will be able to easily access the training on a computer, tablet or cellphone.

The design of your platform homepage can be customized with your own branding and graphics.  Each activity, certificate or promotion can also be branded the way you like.

Yes, taxes can be configured according to your location. Taxes are then displayed based on the location of your offices. You can add or change the location of your offices by clicking Portal Settings on the main menu.

Transactions on uxpertise are handled via Stripe (, a recognized and secure online payment system.

We also offer the deferred payment option.

uxpertise is designed for multilingual purposes – your content can be displayed in many languages just by pressing a button. The platform is currently available in English and French, and more languages will follow.

In addition, uxpertise recognizes the language of your browser by default.

uxpertise offers 5 different roles on the platform. These allow you to have control over the permissions and restrictions of each of your members, while offering you management flexibility.

Yes, the platform allows you to make a full or partial refund of a transaction.

Yes, this is the best way to check your learner’s understanding. In the uxpertise platform, you can create surveys and exams and integrate them into the structure of a catalog item. You can view the results in the reports section.

Yes, it is possible to include ” barriers ” in the structure of a catalog element in order to prevent the learner from accessing other content if he has not, for example, completed the previous one or waited a certain number of days before he can access it.

Absolutely! uxpertise offers advanced management of groups and sub-groups as well as managing group supervisors and licences. uxpertise also allows you to manage the schedules and availability of your trainers,  flexibly and efficiently.

uxpertise enables you to create personalized certificates or badges to sustain your users engagement. They can then showcase their achievements by sharing them on social media. Badges are compatible with Open Badges technology.  (

Of course! uxpertise offers a variety of dashboards and reports that allow you to monitor activity on the platform in real time.

Yes, uxpertise allows you to integrate web conferencing link to an activity or events Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams and more.

All you need is to insert the URL link when you create your online course on uxpertise.

uxpertise enables you to gift courses or certificates. You can also offer promotions, coupons and giftcards.

Yes, uxpertise has advanced data analysis capabilities so that you have access to multiple real-time reports and analytics to make better decisions with confidence.

Yes, uxpertise is an all-in-one platform that offers sharing functionality on social networks as well as displaying and managing your promotions.

We offer an efficient and accessible customer service. By writing to, you will receive a response from one of our support team members within 24 hours on business days

Don’t hesitate to write to us at to learn more about our solution or to schedule a demonstration.

Schedule a free uxpertise demo now!

Call us at 450 876-1155, or fill out the following form.

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