8 Tips for Growing Your Training Business with the Right LMS

Grow your training business with an LMS

Your team wants to grow your training organization. 1

So you surveyed the market to better understand what your target learners need and the opportunities you could benefit from.

You created training activities that made your organization’s offer both different from your competitors’ and relevant to your target market. 

And when the pandemic kept your instructors home and closed down your teaching spaces, your organization pivoted skillfully to virtual classrooms and workshops. 

So what now? 

All this well-thought-out work is necessary but only half the battle in achieving your goal to grow. To begin scaling your organization, ask yourself how can you:

  • Host and manage your training activities and promote and distribute them efficiently?
  • Make it easy for customers to access them on any computer device, at any time?
  • Enable customers to buy your activities effortlessly?

The one answer to all these questions is, of course, educational technology that matches your needs.

To accelerate your journey to success, you need a modern, easy-to-use, easy-to-master learning management system (LMS).

The right LMS enables you to take advantage of its integrated marketing and e-commerce tools to quickly and cost-efficiently:


1. Expand your sales territory

Your revenues are no longer limited by the number of your instructors, working days, and the participants within physical proximity. 

A modern LMS’ mobile-ready, cloud-based platform enables you to enroll anybody with a computing device and Wi-Fi, at any time. So your growth potential has no limit!


2. Simplify distribution by creating an amazing storefront

With the right LMS, there’s no need to develop a new website to showcase your training offer. 

Your LMS offers you an online SEO-optimized storefront that’s self-branded to promote your training offer and maximize your web presence.

Just as with a physical retailer’s window display, your online storefront makes it easy to promote your key items and modify their display. 

Once a prospect wants to buy one of your activities, it’s a cinch for he/she to make a purchase through your secure payment gateway.


3. Scale your sales through multi-tenancy

A modern LMS frees you to scale easily through its multi-portal capacity. This feature enables thousands of users inside and outside your organization to participate in your activities.

You can also license your own white-label training content to your customers, either on your platform or in other organizations, and add another source of revenue.

Furthermore, if these users want to share their content on your platform, you have the option of accepting it and offering it to your other customers. 

Through this systematic expansion of your business, you increase your revenue streams


4. Brand your content

Naturally, your LMS offers you the tools to quickly transform the look of your platform so it matches your visual identity.


5. Support your marketing

When you want to enhance your community profile and create some buzz about your training center, social sharing becomes a must-have.

The right LMS makes it simple for you and your customers to share their learning activity on social media.


6. Use data to enhance your success

Customers that keep coming back for more of your training are a great driver of growth.

To help ensure your training offer stays attuned to the evolving learning needs of your customers, you need to know how your offer is performing.

Which courses work best? Is video a plus? What locations are driving sales?

Through AI algorithms and real-time reporting and analytics, you’ll get the data you need to support your business decisions.


7. Survey your customers

To improve your product, customer feedback is invaluable. A modern LMS’ survey tool enables you to do that effortlessly.


8. Gamify content

Rewards and competition motivate learners and elevate engagement. 

Stoke these fires with certifications and badges.

When you want to scale faster and more easily, you need an LMS whose powerful features are adapted to the specific needs of your training organization. 


If you have any questions about how to achieve your growth goals with an LMS, connect with us. We’ll be happy to help!


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