6 Ways an LMS can Make Training Simpler and More Fun in Your Professional Association

Fun training within professional associations

Want to help your professional association grow?  

Simplify your members’ learning and professional growth journey, or support their compliance and recertification needs by making training more fun and gratifying. As a result, you’ll boost the value your association has in their eyes and attract more members.

To make this growth possible, you’ll need the right learning management system (LMS).

An LMS is a software platform that enables you to cost-efficiently host, manage, create, sell, and promote learning activities

From course creation to targeted delivery to learners, the right LMS can make it simple and easy to delight your members with the knowledge they need to gain.

Here’s how.


1. Improve access to your CE offer 

If Continuous Education (CE) or compliance training is a must for your members, you can help reduce all its traditional inconvenience.

In the past, for example, you may have offered in-class, instructor-led training. Why not transform it into a digital format so your members can follow courses whenever they want? You can offer synchronous training activities such as webinars, or even make your training hybrid by including asynchronous materials such as SCORM modules. 

With a cloud-based mobile-ready LMS, like uxpertise,  members can effortlessly access your CE and other training through any computing device, anywhere, at any time. 

This greater access enables you to sell courses over a larger territory, and easily scale revenues over and above your dues.


2. Simplify compliance and recertification

A modern LMS simplifies compliance. For example, through a validation feature, you can easily evaluate a member’s prerequisites and eligibility. 

Or, you can also efficiently assess the member’s level of relevant knowledge and competencies through the LMS’ quiz tool. This tool offers a variety of question types, such as multiple choice and true-or-false, as well as open questions that can be corrected right on the platform. 

What’s more, the LMS enables you to effortlessly enroll the right people in the right course, track progress and completion both individually and as a group, and test your members to ensure compliance.  Once the course is completed, certification is automatically delivered. 

Reporting and reminders help you keep track of members that need to be recertified.  A certificate validity period can be set so that members, supervisors and administrators be notified when the validity is coming to an end.  Dashboards can also keep you up-to-date in real time.

That streamlines your operations and saves you so much time!


3. Deliver seamless self-service and make learning easy

Your LMS interface should eliminate any obstacle to learning. So it should please the eye and be intuitive to use. After all, your members would rather be learning than wasting time figuring out the platform that’s going to help them learn.

The right LMS offers e-commerce capabilities that make shopping for courses a seamless user-friendly experience. At any time of day, members can easily browse among your CE (and other) courses, quickly purchase content via a secure payment gateway, and immediately pursue their training.  

Making sure the platform is responsive to all devices is also a must to enable access at all times for your members!


4. Ensure exam integrity 

An all-in-one LMS will easily integrate with an online exam proctoring solution which will ensure test-takers maintain integrity throughout the exam session. 

An auto-proctoring solution, like uxpertise XP, will authenticate the test-taker, verify the physical and digital environment, monitor applications, record the video, audio, and desktop for the entire exam session, and have the recordings reviewed by a human proctor.  Results are then available to the administrator through a comprehensive report and a series of functions.

This secure service will contribute to maintaining the level of integrity of your exams by enforcing strict rules, and therefore allow you to deliver certificates to learners with confidence. Thus maintaining the perceived value of your certifications. 


5. Delight your members

To engage members, your CE and other training content needs to be relevant, personalized, and based on learner-friendly principles. 

For example, to personalize your CE content, a modern LMS offers a survey tool so you can easily sound out your members’ interests. Consequently, you can integrate this feedback to create CE content that reflects those interests. 

To create more engaging training, why not go beyond the standard video and exam? For instance, you can have the instructor:

  • Present in a webinar
  • Have learners discuss the content and ask questions
  • Blend this content with a well-designed e-learning module that includes documents, exams, and certificates upon completion. 

This well-rounded training can be offered synchronously or asynchronously. 

Remember, that part of the fun of associations is the engagement with other members. A modern LMS enables you to create learning activities that include interactive forums, video conferencing, and group training. 

These activities enable members to learn with other members and thus provide a channel for new interactions and connections with peers.


6. Share the fun

If your LMS inspires a spirit of play and competition, you elevate engagement.

Your LMS can help gamify learning by rewarding member achievement with badges. In the same vein, you can also add quiz games or interactive courses to your content to make learning more fun. 

Once a member earns a badge, he/she can share it on social media, which can spark interest from potential members and support your recruiting efforts. 


A magnet for recruitment

By simplifying compliance and making training fun and convenient for your members, you can transform your association into a magnet for recruitment.

To start your growth, you need the support of the right LMS. At uxpertise, we’ve guided professional associations like yours through the A to Z of the LMS journey. 


Want to learn more? Do reach out to us today!


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